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Emergency Drain Repair

When is a drain repair not an emergency?  Let’s face it, when your drains are not working properly or are backing up, it is urgent.  Emergency drain repair is needed …and fast!  You have tried plunging and maybe even tried to snake the drain, but still the water won’t move.  Or even worse, it’s moving, but is moving backwards and filling up your sinks, and / or basement.    At this point you don’t really care what is causing the problem; you want your clogged drain fixed.
Right Choice Rooter will help you out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We know emergency drain cleaning is not a service that is needed only during normal business hours.  Our normal business is whenever you need us.
Right Choice Rooter also never charges you extra for emergency drain cleaning just because it is during the evening, nights or on the weekends.  Even if your drain cleaning is needed on a holiday, there is still no extra charge.  With 4 locations and 24/7 service, we are here for you when you need us.
Why do drains back up anyway?  That is a very good question and one that there is no easy answer.  When we come out to clear your drain, we can advise you on how to prevent it from happening again.  The source of the drain problem could be as simple as a clogged trap, or as difficult as a break in the sewer line.
Right Choice Rooter uses modern and professional equipment to handle almost any size residential or commercial drain cleaning need.  Our trucks carry various size machines to clear your drain quickly.  What you might think is a simple sink clog, may actually be build up in the pipes from years of use throughout the drain line or sewer line of your home.  We have the tools to clear the drain clog in either case right on our service truck.
We also have Hydro-jetting services to clear those stubborn blockages.  If standard drain cleaning services just won’t cut it, hydro-jetting may be the right solution for you.  This service uses high pressure water to clear the blockage and to scour the walls of drains and /or sewers lines.  Hydro-jetting scours the walls of the pipes or sewer and flushes the buildup of grease, debris, tree roots from the lines.  Your drains will be clean and clear as the day they were installed.
Let Right Choice Rooter help you with a routine maintenance plan for your drains that will keep your drain lines clear and will help you avoid the need for emergency drain cleaning.   So to answer the first question, when is drain repair not an emergency?  When it’s preventative drain care maintenance!

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