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Frozen Pipe Repair

Frozen water lines in Wisconsin winters are always a concern.  Frozen pipes are a serious risk during cold weather.  Did you know that when water freezes it expands? This expansion in pipes that have no room to expand can exert over 2,000 pounds of pressure per square inch?  That pressure can cause your water pipes to burst and spill hundreds of gallons of water per hour.  The damage and cost of frozen pipe repair to your home or business from the damage water can cause can be in the thousands of dollars.
Frozen water pipe repair requires immediate attention. You can’t wait for “normal business” hours or you will be dealing with a broken pipe repairs instead.  Right Choice Rooter is your perfect choice for unthawing your frozen pipes.  Our normal business hours are whenever you need us.  There is never an emergency charge for nights, weekend, or even holidays.
Many times pipes near exterior walls or run through crawl spaces may not be insulated or heated.  These pipes may freeze during cold weather.  Some winters are so cold that even pipes in an area that would be perfectly acceptable during a normal winter are at risk of freezing.  Unthawing or repairing burst water pipes during this cold weather is a tough job.  Right Choice Rooter is experienced in dealing with water pipes and cold weather.
During cold periods you should be on the lookout for telltale signs of freezing pipes.  The obvious sign of frozen pipes is turning your faucet on with no water coming out.  This is definitely time to take action and give us a call.  If you turn your faucet on and the water seems slow, that is time to take action as well.  You will want to heat frozen pipes when this occurs.
 Keep your ears open when the weather turns colder.  If you hear a dripping in an exterior wall, you may be hearing the results of a busted pipe.  Finally, if you see wetness on walls, ceiling or floors around areas that contain pipes, you may be seeing the results of frozen pipes.  You will need to repair frozen pipes when this occurs.
Unthawing frozen pipes is not a simple as you may think.  This must be done carefully so as not to further damage the pipe.  The heat source must be controlled to avoid damage or creating fire hazard putting your home in further danger.  Once the pipe is unthawed an inspection should be completed to assure that there are no leaks.
Right Choice Rooter is more than a sewer and drain cleaning service.  We can help you to unthaw your frozen water pipes and even help in the prevention of future frozen pipes.

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