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Preventative Maintenance

Many of our current customers have ongoing problems with tree roots in their sewer lines and opt for periodic maintenance vs. the immediate cost of replacement.
 We offer a preventive maintenance program that camera inspects the sewer line and removes the tree roots before a back up occurs. We base this on the customer’s history of chronic blockages, areas of infiltration and the condition of the pipeline.
Hydro-jetting of sewer lines is an important yet often overlooked maintenance tool. We have a variety of jetters available to flush lines from 2 to 16 inches in diameter. Whether due to excessive grease build up, root infiltration, bellies in the line or loss of pitch, our technicians can get you flowing at peak volume. We can even design a custom preventative maintenance plan to suit your needs.
At Right Choice Rooter Sewer and Drain, it’s not what we do, it’s how we do it that matters. With a commitment to excellence and putting the customer’s needs first, we provide the standard by which all other companies can be judged.