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Sewer Repair | Sewer Cleaning

There is no worse problem in a home or business than having sewage backing up from the sewer lines.  In many cases your sewer problem stems from the portion of the sewer lines that are on your property.  The sewer line between the city sewer system, or your private septic system on a rural setting, can become clogged or damaged.  This is not only an unpleasant situation; it can create dangerous living conditions that require immediate attention.
Right Choice Rooter is here to help you no matter what time of day it is, at no extra charge for an “emergency call”.  There is no additional charge for sewer cleaning or sewer repair on nights, weekends or even on holidays.  Our emergency sewer repair service is available anytime you need sewer service.
One of the major causes of sewer problems are tree roots finding a way into the sewer pipe and blocking the normal flow.  Getting rid of these roots with a root rooter is essential if you have this problem.   Other problems may come from shifting of the ground around the sewer line.  Perhaps there was a stress caused by heavy equipment running over your sewer line that may have caused a crack or a break in a weak portion or joint.  Over years of use your sewer line could just be clogged with debris, grease or objects that may have found their way into a toilet that maybe shouldn’t have, like toys.

Right Choice Rooter has the professional equipment required for sewer cleaning from residential sewer lines to large city sewer systems; we can take care of your sewer problems.  It doesn’t matter whether its root rooting or repairing a break or crack in the sewer line, we have the right tools for the job with us on our service vehicles.
We also offer Hydro-jetting services for sewer lines.  We can use the power of high water pressure to blast your sewer line clean.  It will scour the walls of the sewer cutting and flushing those roots and debris with the amazing force of water, leaving your sewer clear and clean.
But how can you be sure?  Your sewer repair may be necessary for more than just one reason.  There could be a root here, a crack there and maybe a joint that came apart further down the line.  There is a way you can see what is on the inside of your sewer and identify any sewer problems that you may have.
We can use our state of the art Camera Diagnostics service.  Using the latest technology, Right Choice Rooter has the ability to inspect the structural integrity of your sewer lines.  We can spot the problem areas and discuss the options available for your sewer repair.  When the sewer repairs or sewer cleaning services are complete, the Camera Diagnostics can give you the peace of mind that your sewer line has been thoroughly repair or cleaned.  Warranties are available along with camera inspections.

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